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Join 400+ volunteers in supporting Community Tax Aid

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Each year, nearly 500 volunteers sign up to train, certify and commit to volunteer 1 day a week during tax season to help our hardworking low-income clients prepare accurate tax returns. Our volunteers help taxpayers like Jennifer. Life had thrown her some unexpected curve balls and she got behind on filing her tax returns. The last time she filed, she made a mistake and as a result needed to repay the IRS. She was out of work for several years, then was scared that she would make a mistake again so did not file. Our volunteers helped her file several years of tax returns and get caught up in her filings. She plans to use her refunds towards first month's rent and a security deposit so that she can move out of a homeless shelter.

Join our volunteers in supporting our mission to provide high-quality tax preparation services in the Metro DC area so that our clients don't face the fear of receiving that letter from the IRS stating that they prepared their tax return wrong.

Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,

Teresa Hinze
Executive Director
Community Tax Aid